Concordia Quartet

Photo credit: Willie Lyou Photography

Concordia Quartet debuted in February 2020 with four prize-winning musicians – Edward Tan, Kim Kyu Ri, Matthias Östringer and Theophilus Tan.

It was formed to bring chamber music in the string quartet form to greater audiences, sharing in Resound Collective’s vision of enriching the classical music landscape by performing at the highest level.

Following their debut, Concordia Quartet was part of the cast in Wild Rice’s The Importance of Being Earnest. It also staged two online live-streamed virtual concerts in June and September 2020. In 2021, the quartet performed in a wind quintet ensemble, and various light-hearted events such as Valentine’s Day at the National Orchid Garden, and a year-end Christmas performance at the Gardens by the Bay. They also launched their second live concert with an audience, “Soaring with the Wind” in October 2021.

Concordia Quartet, Two Years On

After more than two years, mostly under challenging pandemic conditions, the quartet’s founding cellist Theophilus Tan and violist Matthias Östringer haved decided to focus on their teaching careers. Their contributions and the fond memories of forming a new quartet with them will not be forgotten. Our best wishes go with them in their future musical endeavours. Finding replacements for them has been a real challenge but we welcome cellist Lin Juan and violist Martin Peh to Concordia Quartet.

In the first half of 2022, the quartet had the privilege of working with acclaimed composer and pianist Jonathan Shin as a piano quartet, while violinist Kim Kyu Ri spent a semester in New York on post-graduate studies. With her return the re-formed string quartet zooms off in June 2022 to the PRISMA Festival in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada as string quartet-in-residence.

On their return Concordia Quartet will present their PRISMA Festival repertoire in a recital (30th July 2022) and continue on their work on outreach, sharing the joy of string quartet music to a wider and more diverse audience.


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