Where the Music Comes From

Resound Collective represents a bold step forward to redesign how music is appreciated. Smaller than the usual full orchestra, it explores a unique repertoire of music perfectly suited for a smaller team of musicians with an intimate audience.


Over several cups of coffee in May 2015, some of Singapore’s most talented and dedicated musicians surfaced the idea of “collecting” a chamber orchestra that would be led not by a dominant artistic director or principal conductor, but by the musicians themselves. This allows greater focus on how the score comes together, and demonstrating why this unique repertoire of music is as important and relevant today as when they were written centuries ago. Some of the hearts and minds behind Resound Collective include local conductors Jason Lai and Seow Yibin, violinists Loh Jun Hong and Seah Huan Yu, as well as music critic Mervin Beng.


Despite being a fledgling group, Resound Collective has already staged three successful performances. Its inaugural concert in August 2016, “The Journey Begins”, featured composers Stravinsky, Mozart, and Schubert. This was followed by two successive solo piano programmes in 2017, featuring Dennis Lee performing Ligeti, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn, and an exposition of works by Beethoven, with Lim Yan.

Management Committee


Ms. Olive Kan (Public Relations and Sponsorship Manager), Mr. Adrian Chiang (General Manager), Mr. Mervin Beng (Chairman), Mr. Jonathan Lee, Ms. Linda Kan (Finance Manager)